Life Can Try to Kill You, but Patience and Love Can Make it Special

To whom it may concern and help.

Life, life is a strange twisted puzzle we all are born into. Some of us are fortunate to be born into a life of great grandeur, and some of us are not. I am of the latter. My life was not an easy one to say the least. I was born premature at only a 2 pound weight and was supposed to die. I spent lots of time in a incubator and my mother was told I wasn’t gonna make it. But my will inside pushed through and here I am 45 years later.

My childhood was not an easy one. I was attacked by a pitbull at 6 and passed out in a busy street from blood loss. My parents decided to split when I was just becoming a teenager and my grandparents raised me. During that time my father almost killed us. His drinking and drug use led to a motorcycle accident we were in when I was 14 and on the back of the bike.

My teenage years were a mess. I was a horrible teenager getting into trouble with the law and obtaining a crimal past. I smoked weed like it was food to nourish me. I did that for 20 years. School as you could probably guess was an after thought. But I did obtain my GED. Due to my lack of guidance, my financial life became an after thought. I didn’t care about credit or saving money or keeping a good job. This continued for a very long time. I soon became a father due to my poor judgment and lack of caring. As an 18 year old father life became more of a mess I tried to make being a father work, but at that time in my life it didn’t.

Fast forward a bunch of years and my life started to make a turn around. I met an amazing women that had a way of life that I was not accustomed to. Her values had begun to wear off on me. She had a dream to build a life with me, a home, and thru her guidance I begun to change for the better. She helped me to believe I was more than what I believed I was. She believed in me, she believed in us. Slowly I turned my life around. I quit smoking weed, which I had done for over 20 years. It was hard, but I did it. I turned my financial life around and achieved a credit score I never dreamed of. I bought a BMW, which I thought I could never own. Most of all I learned true love. She had been there for me when my only person I could call a parent died. My grandmother. It ripped my heart and soul out, but she was there to support me and keep me straight . She lead me to find a great counselor because I needed my mental health taken care of. It has worked marvels I still see this counselor to this day.

And in the end we accomplished a goal of home ownership. During that process I met, and hope to have found great friends, in Ron Upshaw and Don O’Neil, our real estate agents. I am proof that life can try and kill you, keep you down, wreck your mental health, and make you feel worthless. And with time patience and love you can take life and make it something special as well. So with this I sign off and say thank you to my lovely fiancé, my beautiful grandmother in heaven, and to my belief that I can be something great.

P.S. Ron and Don you and your team are amazing and this could ONLY ONLY ONLY be done with your guidance and belief in us.

3 thoughts on “Life Can Try to Kill You, but Patience and Love Can Make it Special

  1. Thanks for your inspiring story. It’s never too late to make a change for the better. Not saying it’s easy, but it can be done.

  2. Congratulations Jason!! Amazing what love and someone believing in us can accomplish. I wish you and your lady the best in what the world has to offer you..
    Thank you so much for sharing.

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