The Power of Letting Go of Something, You Loved So Much

Just WOW! Our dear friend George just sold his boat… and I can’t believe what he did next.

When my son was just a baby, I shared on the radio that I wanted to get pictures of him taken while he was still young. A man named George reached out and introduced me to his daughter, Nicole, who is a world-renowned photographer. She took this picture up in Edmonds — my favorite picture. It sits on my desk, and I look at it every day.

Though my father died years ago and my son does not have a living grandfather, it’s funny how life goes. The three of us have become the best of friends over the past 12 years — George being like a grandfather to my son… and “George G,” as we call him, also became like an uncle to me.

Over the years, we have all sat in Section 110 at the Seahawks games, watching the Hawks win a Super Bowl! We’ve also made numerous trips to Decatur Island for fishing and crabbing, cooking, and laughing at George’s Place.

There’s also a picture of the three of us tonight in Edmonds, having dinner, telling stories, and sharing lots of laughs.

Recently, George reached out to me and told me it was time to sell his boat. The reasons are not important, but what he did next is extraordinary.

I think as we all get older, we think about our legacy. When I was lucky enough to attend George’s 80th birthday party recently, I heard nothing but gratitude as he grabbed the microphone to thank everyone for coming. But here’s what he didn’t share…

George had heard that the city of Edmonds needed a K-9. If you aren’t familiar with police work, K-9s go to their own police academy and are trained in protecting other officers, saving citizens, and they are often used in the community to build relationships with young people. Around the globe, highly trained K-9s save the lives of countless citizens, soldiers, and officers every day.

So, that’s where his boat money went!

George sold the love of his life (besides his amazing wife, Marcia), and called the City of Edmonds, met with local officials, and helped them acquire a new German Shepherd named K-9 G. Tonight, that young officer is being trained to protect and serve the citizens of Edmonds, Washington. He is paying for all the training as well.

When I asked George why he did it…

He told G-Force and me tonight that it was because of all of you.

For years, he had heard you respond to our calls for help, like when you adopted 526 children after the Tsunami in Japan, or the 300,000 dollars you all gave to help those loggers build the road at Oso after the landslide, in order to get those loved ones out of the deadly slide area. The state said it would take 30 days, but I remember Big Mike calling our show and saying, “You get the fuel, the chainsaws, and the bar oil, and I’ll get the maps, the men, and the machines.”

Big Mike (God rest his soul), and the people of Oso, Arlington, and Darrington, built that road in 18 hours. When I asked him how they did it, he said, “We are loggers… we are neighbors… we look out for each other… and that is just what we do.”

I have a few tears on my keyboard as I write this tonight, remembering Big Mike and the people of Oso… they taught us all about family.

And reflecting on my little family… we may not be traditional, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The Universe continues to put humans in our lives like George… who love us, teach us, and inspire us.

And it all started with that one little picture his daughter Nicole took on an Edmonds beach years ago.

The same beach where G would return years later to get his diving certification… and the same beach near where we shared a meal tonight with George.

Do you believe in the power of the human spirit?

I think you know my answer.

Thank you, George.

We all can’t wait to meet K-9 G on patrol in the City of Edmonds this Summer.

All because you had the courage to let go of something… that you loved so much.

Love you all.


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4 thoughts on “The Power of Letting Go of Something, You Loved So Much

  1. I loved your radio show and miss it everyday, there were days I needed the sunshine you brought into my life after the loss of my husband and wish I had it again after the loss of my daughter recently. Now I get your emails and podcast but it’s not the same. As always you share wonderful stories about people you know. I got to meet you both once in Puyallup at your Christmas toy collection at Walmart. It was one of my highlights for ch that year. I always do a donation that time of year because you never know life can throw you a curve ball and it could be you needing help. Thank you for all you do!

  2. loved this!! thank you for sharing, you really are a great writer/story teller AND – I can’t believe G-force is entering his teenager years! time flies

  3. Don,

    Thank you for this beautiful, thoughtful and important journal.

    It touched the depths of my soul and swelled my heart.


  4. Thanks Don, think of you often and your son is looking great and so grown-up. Good job

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