Breaking News: This is the Next Coach of the Seattle Seahawks…

Here is the next coach of the Seattle Seahawks…

Jim Harbaugh, who just won the National Title against Washington, is the current head coach at Michigan.

There is interest in him!

  1. He knows ALL the great college players and quarterbacks, just like Pete did coming out of USC.
  2. That gives them an advantage in the draft.
  3. They need a new QB, and he was a QB for Michigan and the Bears.
  4. They need an offensive-minded coach who loves defense. He uses his brother’s Ravens defense and has two of his coaches from Michigan.
  5. He is battle-tested in the NFC WEST and competed highly with great success at San Francisco. He knows The West!
  6. Players LOVE him. He has a ton of great players on this team right now who need the Harbaugh culture!
  7. He wants this job. And there’s no need to steal signs, as players use microphones in the NFL.
  8. Let’s see if the Hawks can make it happen.

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3 thoughts on “Breaking News: This is the Next Coach of the Seattle Seahawks…

  1. No Thank you! He’s a cheater with a bad reputation and will NOT be welcomed here in Seattle.

  2. I really hope not. This guy is a jerk and I don’t see him bonding with the players. He is one of 3 that I prayed would not get the job.

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