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Whether this is your first time selling a home or if you’re a real estate veteran, Ron and Don’s comprehensive seller’s guide will help you get more for your door.

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Prepares You for Selling a Home from Start to Finish


Not all real estate agents are created equal. Ron and Don are here to help you change your life, and we want to show you how.

Market Prep

Ron and Don will help you craft a personalized strategy to sell your home, and get more for your door than your neighbors.

Financial Assessment

Ron and Don are here to help you understand your finances to make your next dream home a reality.

Preparing for Your Home for Listing

Know what to do to get more for your door, and learn Ron and Don’s unique strategy for your situation. 

What to Expect Before and After Closing

Inspections, fees, and everything in between. Ron and Don explain what to expect when selling a home.

Finally Closing the Sale

Learn the steps it will take before you pass on the keys, and then let Ron and Don celebrate your success. 

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Ready to Change Your Life?

There are few bigger life changes than buying a home. Ron and Don are here to help guide you through this process to see real change.

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