The Trains of Time

Good day everyone!

I had a dream last night that on the morning of my 56th birthday. I looked up and saw the words “BLESSED MAN“ written in the morning clouds of Seattle.

And then the words turned into pictures….

I saw a picture of me as a young boy…

And then a picture my sweet son

And a picture our newest family member Charlie the Dog

And there were more pictures of my mom, my sisters, my brother. My entire family. Even a picture of my late estranged father.

And then more pictures of my dear friends. Friends like Mr. Ron, Mr. Joe, Mr. Scotty, Mr Carter, and my friend I road Katrina out with here in NOLA , Mr. Mike.

I saw a picture of my therapist Dr. Wright…

And I saw many of my adventure and trail boss friends. Many of my broadcast friends, and many of you that have allowed me the honor in some small way to be a part of your life. Whether that it be in passing, or as a broadcaster, a real estate broker, or as your neighbor and friend.

A simple THANK YOU! doesn’t seem like enough, but it is what I have to offer all of you!

Like these trains in New Orleans…

Time keeps ticking , and the trains of time keep moving whether we are aboard them or not.

I know the gift of love and time is promised to no man.

So today , I am just grateful for the time I have had…and all the love I have recieved.

And so appreciative for anytime I left to come.

So I invite ALL OF YOU to come along as the great conductor says, “ALL ABOARD!”

Here’s to all of us taking one more trip TOGETHER around the sun.🫶

Laissez le bon temps rouler!!!!

With so much love and respect,

– d

Check out the Photos from Our Trip to New Orleans

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4 thoughts on “The Trains of Time

  1. O.K. Don. I think it’s time you think about writing your memoir. This is not joking. You have given us a “sneak peek” at your thinking and experiences. By “sneak peek” – I mean, I think there is more there. And you might not be ready to share all – but when you are – I think it would be an incredible read – both from the writing standpoint, and from what we all have to learn from it, and apply to our own lives. . . Happy Day!

  2. Thank you, Don. You always make me smile, or feel more positive about all things in this world.

    God bless you and yours,

  3. Don

    What a great tribute to life🤩. The trip you and Gunner made together to Nola
    Will as the years go by be a treasured memory for both of you. Life is so precious enjoy each and every moment💯.

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