You Don’t Have to Eat the Cream Puff…

Buying a home is a lot like choosing what to eat for dinner, or maybe even dessert. It’s so much easier, and more appetizing, to just order the perfectly cooked dish off a curated menu from a professional chef, but you’d better be ready to pay for it.

So many people spend hours searching sites like Redfin or Zillow for the perfect home, waiting for the next new listing. Sure, a delicious looking home is going to pop up any second and it feels like you can just hit “buy now”, but you can’t. Then remember that 100 other people just saw that same listing and had that same feeling.

Can you imagine sitting at dinner and the most delicious looking cream puff is offered for dessert, but there is only one for the whole restaurant? They could charge whatever they wanted and still have people bidding to pay more.

The same is true for real estate, but sometimes you just have to know how to look a little deeper.

Ron and I developed a system for finding the hidden gems. We look for the home that could be that magical cream puff we all want a piece of, but maybe its at a local bakery just down the street. If you’re willing to put in a little effort, you can get that same taste for a lot less money.

We recently had a client who wanted to find their own cream puff in Queen Anne. With most popular listings getting multiple offers, selling for way over list, we had to be a little creative.

One property really stood out among the crowd, but not for the reasons you’d normally think. This one needed a new electrical panel and work done to repair a stairwell. In all honesty, it was going to take somewhere around $22,000 to get this home to cream puff status.

Good news is that most people can’t see past a couple small imperfections. After securing the house for $48,000 under list, our clients had enough money left over to take a vacation while the work was being done on their new home.

The moral of the story is, that even in a hot market, you can get a home for under list without sacrificing anything on your list. We work with an expert team of contractors, designers, and financial advisors that can help you understand all of your options when buying a home.

Interested in finding your personal cream puff? Schedule a Sit Down with Ron and Don today!

Don O’Neill is a Licensed Agent at
Windermere Real Estate Midtown
1920 North 34th Street
Seattle, WA 98103

When Don is not behind a microphone, you might find him helping clients shop for properties to buy, invest, or sell. As an active investor, Don seeks out properties for long term investments. Schedule Your Sit Don with Ron today!

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