Still Not Done in 2021

Hey you guys, I know a lot of us can’t wait to say goodbye to 2021. My perspective is a bit different. I am a bit dense and I never learn much from the good times… I have found I really grow as a human when times are tough, challenging, and an outright shit-storm.

In Dave Grohl’s new book “ The Storyteller”, he talks about the early days of traveling the country. Traveling with a broken down van and an old set of Tama Drums he had since high school. He said their band van was in such dissrepair, they often referred to it as a homeless shelter on wheels. But from reading his book, I get the sense that before he hit it big with Nirvana and The Foo-Fighters, he felt grateful. That he had a deep appreciation for every opportunity that presented itself as he embraced the struggle. The struggle of an early broke life on the the road perfecting his craft. He said he remembers those days every time he steps on stage to a stadium full of fanatical fans.

“Everyday is a blank page”, he muses… “And I get to be apart of writing and participating in each day’s story.” He felt that way then… and that way now.

That is an amazing perspective that aligns with my own. I’ve enjoyed every f’ing day of 2021. I’ve loved meeting many of you that listened to us on the radio for years. We sat down, rolled up our sleeves, and did some pretty fucking awesome and tough things together. I appreciate my mentors, my friends, my co-workers, my family and my son… and every single one of you!

Everyday wasn’t easy, but I think we got better as broadcasters as realtors, and friends.

I hope I left 2021 in better shape than in the way I entered 364 days ago.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to 2021….

There’s still a few more days… a few more blank canvases that I get to paint, and I fully intend to participate in it fully… whole-heartedly… and with curiousity and appreciation for one more day of life and health on this orb that won’t spin forever.

Son, I love you.

Mom… you’re a badass…

Jennifer, Joe, Scotty… you are the best humans I know.

And Ron, thanks for going on this journey with me. You will always have my trust, love and admiration.

Thank you all for allowing us to be your broadcasters, realtors, and friends…

I cant wait to see what all of us will do in 2022.

Thanks for listening and sitting down with us.

Now here’s my guy Ron with a look back of all the fun we had with all of you in 2021

With so much love and respect.
– don

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7 thoughts on “Still Not Done in 2021

  1. Sharing your prospective on life and sharing Dave’s story is a reminder that we may not control all that happens within a day but we do have the control to our reactions of those happenings. Having been through a few life challenges myself you learn to laugh at challenges and say bring it on. You also learn that it’s okay to cry, you just have to pull your pants up and take on the next day as it comes. I’ve survived, abuses, cancer and most recently the loss of both parents, I realize how very precious time is with loved ones, laughter, creating memories for stories later in life to be shared with the next generation, our children and grandchildren.
    Some personal reflection from 2021:
    – Mom and dad, may you Rest In Peace. Dad you fought a good fight until mom passed so you can be at peace 4 hours later. Go and be at peace, you both will live on within our hearts.
    – New role at work with new manager who really supports our team and wants everyone to succeed. Such a positive change from prior situation.
    – trip to San Fransisco to visit Steven our son and WOW, did we get workout walking those hills. Loved catching up and enjoyed the road trip.
    – another attempt at growing some veggies. May I get the soil right in 2022! Lol. Sunflowers were a success😊.

    And now to roll 2022 in with continuous learning, laughing and new friendships.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Love you guys… I was just thinking the other day about you as I was listening to KIRO FM and how much I miss the great things you did on regular broadcast radio. Now you’ve transitioned into doing more great things. Bless you!

  3. Thank you, Ron. I so enjoyed you and Don on the Radio, and still enjoy your thoughts, experiences and attitudes toward life in general. It always makes me think…..

  4. To Ron and Don:

    Thank you for your example of never giving up and succeeding: like the boy in a room filled with horse shit and continuing to dive down in, knowing there had to be a horse somewhere in there (instead of the boy that was locked in a room with horse shit and screaming “get me out”); two men struggling, scraping, never giving up and rising up through the rubble that was dropped on you – finally breaking through standing tall, standing strong, with integrity and succeeding! Both of you are such an example of how to live life, give back, appreciating and respecting others and loving family, friends, mentors and yourselves.

    God bless you both and your families.

    Mary Jo

  5. Love your insight and take in things Don. I’m ready for 2022!! Happy New Year Ron and Don.

  6. I love you guys and miss you on the radio. I no longer listen to KIRO radio, haven’t since you were cut loose. You are an inspiration and great humanitarian. Good luck, and much happiness, and success in the new year.

  7. Ron and Don,
    You guys rock, I do love the times that you speak honesty about your mental health, many are not able to. I am hoping that anyone who needed to hear your at times. hearbreaking stories where you talk about your vulnerabilities, take your advie and get help, treat themselves as worthwhile, and try to stay positive. Can’t wait for 2022 to get better.

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