Inspiring the Next Generation: Lessons from the Gridiron

My son and I have been talking about playing ball since he was a little boy. A number of years ago, we started attending high school football games to watch our friend, Trooper Nolan Washington, coach at Kennedy and Cleveland High Schools. Back when I was at Kiro Radio, we collaborated with Sergeant Nolan Washington to build the football field at Cleveland.

Nolan now has a wonderful wife and two young girls, and he patrols the mean streets of T-Town. Despite his busy schedule, he took time out this weekend to inspire my son and “get him right” on the gridiron, as he likes to say.

Coach Washington was also a standout player at WSU back in the day. You Coug-Dawg fans can check out the clip below—#2 could really bring it! Sorry, Husky Nation 😜.

His handle on Instagram is “Inspirethenext.” He has used this moniker both as a coach and as a cop. After spending over five hours with us this past weekend, we were certainly inspired! I’m glad I could call on an old friend who is not only a great coach and cop but also a community leader, husband, father, and friend.

He always calls me “Big Bruh,” and I call him “Little Bruh.” I often hear people complaining about this generation coming up. Maybe all of us can take a page from his playbook, get involved with these kids, and be a part of “Inspiring the Next.”

We all have something to share, whether in the classroom, on a playfield, in a laboratory, or on a mountain hike. Big Brothers and Big Sisters is a great place to start.

This weekend, I saw him communicate, educate, elevate, and celebrate as he coached my son. I am going to try to be better at that!

Thanks, Little Bruh, for loving and coaching my son. You are inspiring the next! Let’s go! Go Cougs!


-Big Bruh

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