Maui Musings: Life Lessons, Aloha Spirit, and Island Adventures Unveiled

Hey there, friends! As we make our way back from the magic that is Maui, I couldn’t wait to share some nuggets of wisdom we picked up on this adventure. It’s not just a recount of our trip; it’s more like a playlist of life lessons we’ve collected along the way. From the laid-back Aloha vibes to the unexpected beauty of redemption stories, Maui has left its mark on us. So, kick back, grab a virtual lei, and let’s dive into the heart and soul of our island escapade.

  1. Lift and Live with Aloha.
  2. That football games are fun, but what is most important are the redemption stories of humans rebuilding their lives to return to the arena, coach again, and fully be present in their own lives like Coach Sark.
  3. We learned that we need to leave things better than we found them.
  4. We learned to do something nice for someone else without being asked.
  5. We learned that friends become family.
  6. We learned we can overcome our fears, and sometimes parents have fears kids don’t. And often those kids end up inspiring their parents.
  7. We learned we are incredibly lucky to have opportunities many others don’t, and we are grateful.
  8. We learned that by reaching a level of fitness, we can hike, bike, run, climb, and dive anywhere. And the world looks different from a set of handlebars, a mountain we have climbed ourselves, or the ocean floor.
  9. Most importantly, as you can see from the airport picture, people have stopped coming to Maui out of respect because of the fires. Locals here see their lives as “before or after the fires.” Our Lyft driver, Rachelle, said to tell you to “please all come!!!! to Maui!!!” That airport line is usually 3 hours long during the holidays. No one was in it today, and 85 percent of the island is supported by tourism. Over-tip and over-pay when you are here. Maui is OPEN, and your presence is welcomed and needed.
  10. Finally, we learned the genuine power of saying Mahalo, of never honking your horn, and always hugging others.

So consider yourselves hugged, and we bid you all much Aloha in 2024.

Until next time, Maui, Mahalo,

D and G

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