A Raccoon Dilemma Unfolding on Queen Anne

Hey folks, Don here with a wild tale straight from Queen Anne!

So, my buddy Scotty, who’s not just a friend but also a real estate client, went and snagged himself a sweet deal—a house with a backyard cottage up on Queen Anne. We teamed up to turn these spots into short-term rentals. Life was cruisin’ until tonight, when 3-4 raccoons decided to throw a party on the roof.

Picture this: raccoons doing rooftop acrobatics, peeking through the skylight, and giving the renters’ dogs a proper fright show. Those poor pups start barking up a storm, waking up the neighbors in the other house. Chaos, I tell ya!

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Scotty, in his infinite wisdom, wants to start feeding these raccoons and, wait for it, turn them into pets. Problem is, his wife is having none of it. Classic sitcom material, right?

What Do You Think?

Promised Scotty I’d throw the question out to you guys for some good ol’ advice.

Alright, wise bunch, what’s your take on this raccoon rendezvous? Personally, I’m not sold on raccoons as pets, but Scotty’s an Oregon Duck fan—stubborn as they come. Convincing him otherwise might be like talking to a brick wall.

I’m handing the mic over to you. Should Scotty pursue his raccoon dreams, or should we find a more neighbor-friendly solution?

Your thoughts mean the world. Scotty’s watching, so let’s help the guy out! – Don

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