Unlocking the Secrets of Gig Harbor Real Estate

Navigating Market Trends and Building Long-Term Wealth

Check out this growth graph in Gig Harbor, WA.

Ron and I have a client we are meeting with in Gig Harbor, WA this weekend. Look at the appreciation chart for the last 10 years… and now see the pause?

Every house we are looking at this weekend has been on the market past the offer review date. THIS is driven purely by interest rates.

You have heard “date the rate, but marry the property”?

This is what mortgage brokers and realtors are talking about.

As interest rates are already ticking down, this chart will take off once again in 2024 and 2025.

THIS IS WHEN INVESTORS / REAL ESTATE ADVISORS / BROKERS like me pounce. This is how to build slow, steady, long-term wealth.

This is how I built mine.

When you need us, just schedule a Ron and Don Sit Down.

We Sell The Sound!

Enjoy the day and Happy Holidays!


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When Don is not behind a microphone, you might find him helping clients shop for properties to buy, invest, or sell. As an active investor, Don seeks out properties for long term investments. Schedule Your Sit Don with Ron today!

One thought on “Unlocking the Secrets of Gig Harbor Real Estate

  1. Once a real estate correction happens (and it will) – that will be the right time to pounce. Now is not the time. The pause isn’t only driven by interest rates. It’s also a measure of housing prices being extremely over-inflated, historically speaking. Your chart doesn’t go back very far, and is missing the descending line previous to 2013. You and Ron have only been in the real estate industry during the era of Cheap/Easy Money and a boom market. Prepare for the other side…which will also be great for you – because again, after the correction/deflationary period, the chart will then have a climb back up. That will be the time to pounce!

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