Turning Resolutions About Wealth, Health and Parenting Into Real Decisions

Happy 2023 Everyone!

Don here, and I wanted to share a couple thoughts with you we kick off the new year.

These are things I have learned as a real estate agent, a master trainer, and as a dad.

I like to put my thoughts into lists so here we go!

“Turning Resolutions About Wealth, Health and Parenting Into Real Decisions”


  1. If you made a resolution this year , TELL SOME ONE! Resolutions made in secret scientifically NEVER work. What does work is accountability.
  2. SPEND SOME MONEY ON YOUR DECISION. You spend money on others, but what about yourself? Spend money on materials that support your decision. Often it will have a cognitive affect and typically allow for better follow-through by YOU!
  3. SHAME AND PAIN CAVES. Stay out those. They don’t serve you in 2023. Your failure is fuel! USE IT! FAIL-FORWARD and keep going.
  4. Have a STOP DATE and then decide to keep going, stop, or adjust your strategy.
  5. Surround yourself with a community of like-minded humans. COMMUNITY is key to any real change concerning your health, wealth, and parenting.


  1. Making a significant amount of money won’t matter when you get older if you didn’t use your youth to strategize for your retirement. It is NEVER TOO LATE TO START.
  2. Wealth takes time to build, and a strategy to hang onto it.
  3. 125 Million Americans live paycheck to paycheck. That is almost 60 percent of all us!
  4. Real Estate is one of the biggest wealth igniters and builders when it comes to generational wealth.
  5. Here is a FREE LIFE CHANGING EVENT if you want to learn more about building your wealth and health through real estate, Ron and I will be both be teaching at this event next month. It is free. Click here to sign up. It is going to be “DOPE” as my son likes to say. If you have never purchased real estate, show up at this event. Showing up at this event is the first step in showing up for yourself.


  1. I have read a lot of parenting books! Malcolm Gladwell says that if we are successful at about 30 percent of it, our kids should have a good run!
  2. Science says the best thing you can do for your child is to let them bloom where they are planted during middle school and high school. Disrupting this with a big move can be harmful.
  3. They are watching….AND listening!
  4. Once a week my son and I get ice cream with two special spoons with our names on them. We start the conversation… “So, Daddy how is your mental health?” I ask him the same. The answers are sacred so I will stop there. TRY IT!
  5. They know more than us about social issues. We all wrecked ourselves a bit fighting over politics. They still have hope and open hearts. Tap in to that during ice cream!

If you want to reach out to me about anything, anytime, just shoot us a message here.

If you need some help on your real estate journey, click here.

And if you would like to attend the FREE LIFE CHANGING REAL ESATE EVENT I am teaching at next month click here.

Here’s to your decisions in 2023.

Love and respect,


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