Why I Stopped Writing on Social Media

I don’t publish publicly about what I write anymore. When I use to publish stories on my social channels that sometimes took me months to write, I often saw an incredible conversation, often with people that didn’t agree with me.

I decided to publish something on my page the other day about growing up in a small town, and what my experience was like. It was a different experience than what Jason Aldean expressed in his new smash single.

I thought I might hear about the small towns others grew up in….I thought it might bring us closer together… but then the words “ woke”, “ cancel culture”, and complete distain for others filled my feed, not to mention the DM’s.

And some how everyone is a “pansy” now if they have a different view. There seems to be no curiousty about someone else’s perspective.

Maybe it was me.

Maybe I don’t write as well as I thought .

I’ll take a good look at that.

I never tried to cancel anyone.

I brought up gun violence, the opioid crisis, and the human divide in all our towns…

But no one heard me. No one engaged on those important topics.

They just felt like someone else they cared about was getting cancelled.

And many people just cut and pasted other people’s thoughts that summed up their own. That takes no time, no thought, but it’s easy.

I often encourage people…if you are going to share someone else’s hard work, take a moment to comment and share YOUR perspective too.

As we head into another election cycle, people using AI are going to do a complete mind f/:;()$&! on many of us.

And I am not worried about other governments or “ deep fakes” using this tool…they will.

But, I am more concerned about the men and women in the other Washington that will do anything and everything to stay in power…they invented the “ cancel culture crisis” and the “deep fake” and being “ woke”.

In all my years of doing news talk radio, I’ve never seen a better tool for every politician out there. They create a problem that only they can solve , they tell us.

And that is on both sides of Congress.

But look what happens in a city where The Swifties, Mariner fans, Foodies at the Bite, and our Friends on Cap Hill throw another Banging Block Party…

We stop using our phones as weapons, and we turn them back into cameras , taking pictures of the joy we all feel when we come together with true human to human contact.

You can’t have such hate for people when you spend time in their proximity.

If you don’t believe me….

If you don’t understand gays, go let them love on you at the block party.

If you think the Swifties are nuts, watch them fill up every food pantry when Taylor comes to town and join in. All are welcome.

If Mariner traffic pisses you off, watch my friend Eric Powers and all the Dad’s like him bond over a hotdog and a Julio home run! We say men aren’t good, present dads? I see thousands of them everytime I take my son to a ballgame.

You don’t have a black person’s phone number in your phone? Become a Big Brother of Big Sister and chances are you might have one as many kids in line for help are from black and brown communities.

And if you don’t get what’s going on in small towns around America, ask yourself the next time you drive through Cle-Elum….why every single block has a house with an American Flag on it…and not one house on Queen Anne does…

It’s because when we go to war…those small town kids line up and take bullets that are meant for many of our own kids…

And they have for decades.

That is all I wanted to say on this Sunday morning.

I gotta go get my broom for those Mariners, and while I’m driving I’m gonna let that pick- up truck with that American Flag flying out the back into my lane ….cuz you never know…they might be on their way to see Taylor or they have kids that want to see that Barbie movie too.

Finally, remember the message of Oppenheimer.

I grew up not far from where those two bombs were bulit.

Human distain and hatred can take us all to a place of no return.

There are a fleet of 16 American subs…8 of which are stationed out of Bangor here in “The Great Specific Northwest”…

Those subs alone can blow up the world three times over in 30 minutes.

I’d rather buy you a beer , have a chat, and mend a fence.

And turn on some Taylor!

Time to “ Shake it Off”.

Let’s Go Mariners!

Love and respect to you all.


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10 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Writing on Social Media

  1. As always Don your words blow me away. You have an incredible gift for writing. Please keep sharing your thought provoking musings. As a 71 year old hip grandma who wants to be a shining example to my grandkids, I have taken a huge step back from social media and have been concentrating on connecting with my fellow humans in person in order to continue to grow, extend love and listen respectfully. It’s never too late in life.

  2. Right-on. Don! There’s wisdom in your words. It breaks my heart that there is such disrespect and hate in our world and communities. I’m looking for a new home here in the Portland OR area, and for the first time ever, am thinking if my neighbors will be right wing, antisemitic or hateful. It makes me sad that these thoughts are popping into my head. Let’s just try and love in another as best as we can.

  3. I rarely go on social media any more. Mostly because of the reasons you state. We’ve lost the ability to discuss our differences and treat each other with respect even when we disagree. I hold out hope that things will change, but honestly, I intend to retire with my toes in the sand, beer in hand, wishing the younger generations the best of luck in figuring this mess out.

  4. Nice, Don. What else can be said. I this the “head of the nail” is spending time around others who aren’t from your own “tribe” is definitely the way to open up communication. We do have the same wants and needs at the core. Why not remember – or seek this out?

  5. I’m a hip 78 year old grandma and I want to ditto everything Patti said👍 I couldn’t say it better‼️Thanks

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