The Heroic Saga of the Bloody 100th

We’ve been captivated by the gripping series “Masters of the Air,” produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, available on Apple TV. It’s a true-to-life portrayal of the “Bloody 100th,” a US Air Force Bomber group whose sacrifices for our country are the stuff of history books.

These brave souls faced daunting odds. Flying 25 perilous missions against the formidable German Luftwaffe was their ticket home. Their mission: obliterate German 88s and factories pivotal to the enemy’s war effort before D-Day.

The young men who flew these missions had a mere 23 percent chance of survival. On average, B-17 aircrews in WWII could expect to complete just 11 missions over Germany before being shot down. Those who perished met horrific ends in the sky. The survivors, if they made it to the ground, were subjected to brutal treatment, including torture and death marches.

Our recent visit to the old Fort Lawton, now Discovery Park, sparked a poignant reflection. Did any members of the “Bloody 100th” rest here before setting off to fight overseas? Over a million men en route to battle once called this fort home, a vital Embarkation Station during the war.

As planes flew overhead, bound for Sea-Tac and Boeing field, we couldn’t help but wonder about the young soldiers who might have slept in that park at 18, only to embark on a journey from which they would never return. Our gratitude for the freedom they fought for deepened.

How many of these heroes might still be with us today? Amidst our contemplation, we played with our football and our dog, discussing the immense sacrifices made. Lunch by the old flagpole on the parade ground only heightened our appreciation.

We paid homage to the Masters in the Air, the Band of Brothers on the ground, and the Sailors and Marines in the Pacific. Their love for their country and the sacrifices they made gave new meaning to the phrase “freedom is not free.”

In a moment of reflection, we said a prayer, feeling fortunate that unlike so many of them, we could pack up our lunch, scoop up our dog, and return to the comfort of our home.❤️🇺🇸🏡🙏

We hope you find inspiration in their story as much as we did.


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One thought on “The Heroic Saga of the Bloody 100th

  1. I also greatly enjoyed the series. My father was a B-17 pilot who flew out of Deopham Green airfield near Norwich. His missions began just shortly after D-Day (June 1944) and lasted until December 1944. He flew over 30 missions (5 more for Eleanor over the initial 25 they required). It’s been interesting piecing all Tom Hanks/Spielberg WWII series together since one of my dad’s missions was Eindhoven which was featured in Band of Brothers. In 2019 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of when he was stationed there, my husband & I traveled to Norwich to see what was left of the Deopham Green airfield. The UK government has begun a program to recycle the concrete used for the runways, but there was still some of the runway & taxiway left. There is a lovely memorial to honor those lost along with three oak trees. One American oak & 2 English oaks. It was a very humbling experience especially to realize only 25% of airmen survived all their missions. It is beautiful farmland there now and the owners were extremely friendly and kind to us allowing us to walk about.

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