Catching Up with Rachel Belle

What is going on everyone!

I hope your New Year is off to a great start!  

I wanted to thank all of you once again for making our “THE RON AND DON RADIO SHOW PODCAST” one of the most shared news-talk-real estate podcasts in the world!

That would  not happen without you, or the great TEAM of people that have worked on variations of our show for almost THREE DECADES!

This past week, on episode #498 of THE RON AND DON RADIO PODCAST, our old friend Rachel Belle stopped by to share with us the exciting news that her award winning podcast, “YOUR LAST MEAL” is now her full time gig. You remember Rachel as one of the great story tellers on our show.  On Episode #498, we share how we initially met Rachel, how we enticed her to move back from Japan to work with us, and we talk about some of our favorite stories including the time the whole Ron and Don Show Team.

Like the time we stuffed ourselves in a van, and started performing Country Roads by John Denver.  Here is that video right here:

Rachel shares where she got the idea from… and we also talk about how our band, COUNTRY EVIL, ended up on an episode of BEHIND THE MUSIC.

You can find that right here!

One thing I remembered as we reminisced in studio was not only all the fun we had, but I have to say we put together one of the best teams in talk radio. Our show became a blueprint for other shows on our station, and other shows around the country.

We came from the rock side of talk radio, so we created a rock and roll talk radio show, that dominated ratings and revenue for close to 15 years .

A lot of that happened because of every member on our team knew their job, and we all trusted each other every time the mic light flipped from  red to green.

I think the lessons are the same for all of us wether it be in your own family, or in your business life…

There is something so powerful about having fun with your team, having success with your with your people, and celebrating wins and learning from the losses….


There is something about the synergy that happens when we get in a room together. I hadn’t been on a microphone with both Rachel and Ron for over four years, but when the microphones flipped from red to green and it was go time,  all the muscle memory from our years of performing together came flooding back… then the stories and laughter followed, and we ended up recording an episode I think you are going to enjoy!

So , who is on your team in life?

I am so fortunate as a broadcaster to have had the Ron’s, the Rachel’s, the Tony’s, the Kim’s, the Tracie’s, the Kimmie’s, and the Nichol’s.

And on my real estate team I have been so fortunate to have the Joe’s, the Scotty’s, the Jennifer’s, and the Tamara’s.

They have poured so much into me, that I try to remember that , as I work to pour my knowledge about broadcasting and real estate into the lives of others.,

That’s what I will be doing Feb. 16th, 2023…I will be speaking at a FREE life changing event.  You can sign up here.

At this event Ron and I will show you how to build the right team in order for you to begin the process of “snowballing” your wealth through real estate.

There are no tapes to buy or books to sell.  This is my opportunity to give back to all of you….help you, serve you, and and encourage you.

I think there are less than 5 seats left so get signed up today.

Who knows, maybe one day we will be a part of your team, your journey, and your real estate story.

So check out episode #498, and remember we will be appearing on one of Rachel’s episodes in the near future.

Keep your head up and your shoulders back this week!

Start building your TEAM!

I am PUMPED about Feb. 16th!

Love and respect,


When Don is not behind a microphone, you might find him helping clients shop for properties to buy, invest, or sell. As an active investor, Don seeks out properties for long term investments. Schedule Your Sit Don with Ron today!

One thought on “Catching Up with Rachel Belle

  1. Don and Ron,
    I so thoroughly enjoyed episode #498 on my walk the other day!! I had a smile the entire way. The three of you have a dynamic, natural connection which lends to the authenticity of your show. I also enjoyed the ice cream story and spending quality time with Gunner – I am thinking of a good way to share that with my son and DIL to spend time 1:1 with their children (my two grandkids) – I go by the saying “Unsolicited advice is taken as criticism.”
    Keep up the fabulous work y’all do!!
    BTW, Sandy is kind of adjusting in Nevada…..talks about coming back here again. At least she has good realtors is she does that!

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