This builder just SOLD this home for $3.8 Million in Queen Anne

This builder just SOLD this home for $3,850,000 on Queen Anne!

Happy Sunday Morning everyone! My neighbors house had been on the market for over a year. Look what it just closed at almost 4 Million dollars!!!!! on the West slope of Queen Anne, Seattle which has been unheard of in past markets.

This builder actually had 3 homes sitting, and then POOF , they are all SOLD!

I currently have two clients staying in two of my AirBandB’s that are all cash buyers .

We have been shopping and writing.

For one of them we have written two offers, all cash , no contingencies, one over ask, (an early offer), and the competition we are facing is immense. These are in the range of $1.5 Million on Queen Anne.

Friday, we went to a rental home a seller is willing to sell off market and it was crawling with brokers and buyers just like I saw when interest rates were at 3 percent.

Many stagers I know are sitting on their Spring furniture which means they aren’t in homes for sale which signals very low inventory.

And interest rates went up this week!

Those cheap interest rates offered during Covid have locked up this market.

People that are selling now are doing so because life has happened… divorce, aging, job change… but no matter what anyone tells you… sellers still rule in many micro markets here in Seattle.

And builders are paying more for some homes than you can get retail in places like Green Lake!

I’d love to hear what you are experiencing in your neighborhoods.

And The Eastside is out of control!

And if you want to talk more to me about the current market, just reach out!

I’ll be reading and responding in the comments below!

And if you have a home you’d like to sell on Queen Anne, I have buyers!

Spring has Sprung in real estate!

Now we need some sun and fun!

Enjoy your Sunday!

We Sell the Sound!

– don

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