How to Add Value to Any Real Estate Deal

Buying a home is a major investment, especially in a competitive market. Sometimes the easiest way to afford that million dollar plus home in your dream neighborhood is to create it.

Ron and I have spent years learning the ins and outs of the real estate business. We’ve helped buyers find their dream homes by looking past the cream puff and finding the diamonds in the rough. Adding value to any home is fairly simple, even if you’re not a professional contractor.

Here are some proven ways to add value to any property, and ensure you get the most equity out of your home.

You Don’t Have to Eat the Cream Puff

Ok, so we’ve covered this before. The flashy home in the perfect neighborhood looks incredible, but you’re not the only one who thinks so. Rather than pay for someone’s else time and effort, look for the home that fits your needs in the location you want, even if it might have a bit of green shag carpeting or a pink bathroom that reminds you of your grandmother. Finishes can be changed, layouts altered, and even full stories rebuilt. Didn’t you see the video above?

Make a Few Trips to the Dump, Cleanup a Job Site, or Try Your Hand at Some Demo

Renovations can be expensive, but not when you know the right people and where to cut the right costs. Ron and I have built a network of reliable, trustworthy contractors that help us get major projects finished in the time it would take you to decide what color to paint the walls. We negotiate rates for you to make sure you get the best rates possible for high-quality labor. Plus, there are a ton of ways for you to help lower the cost. Maybe you can’t hang drywall, but you can certainly drive a truck to the dump. Or maybe you don’t want to run plumbing, but you can clean up the job site to save hours each day that you’d pay for otherwise. 

You Don’t Have to Live There Forever

One of the common misconceptions when buying a home, you’ll live there forever. The odds are that your needs will change, your wants will grow, and eventually that dream home won’t be such a dream anymore. Rather than lock yourself into an expensive purchase out of the gate, growing and renovating your property over time can help you save money and build equity faster. Once your property is complete you can rent it out, add an additional unit to cover expenses, or sell the property and cash out. No matter what you choose, you’ve added value, saved money, and built for your future.

No matter what your situation is, remember that adding value to a property is easier than you think. The costs can be reduced through simple steps that anyone can take, and knowing the right people doesn’t hurt either.

If you’re ready to look for your next project, dream home, or anything in between, schedule a Sit Down with Ron and I today to discuss your options. Plus, you’ll get a super cool camp style coffee mug just for talking to us over zoom or in person. What do you have to lose?


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