Why You Should Buy Real Estate During the Holidays

Last year, I faced some backlash on our podcast when I suggested that the holidays are an ideal time to buy real estate. While people are distracted, the sun is scarce, and interest rates are high, it’s a golden opportunity for savvy buyers.

Why Do People Sell During the Holidays?

People who sell during the holidays often do so out of necessity. It could be due to a family member passing away, a partner needing memory care, a job relocation, or changes in family size as children head off to college. These are not casual sellers; they are motivated to sell quickly.

A Personal Anecdote

Just this week, I visited Sobie’s condos on Queen Anne. The view from her property is stunning! When she asked if she should sell, considering she owns two condos outright, my response was a resounding “no.” Where else could she get such a return by renting them out in the current market?

My Philosophy on Real Estate

I’m not in the business of chasing sales. In fact, I often encourage people to become “Buy and Hold Investors.” This strategy is even more relevant given the recent headline in the Seattle Times. We’re now entering the “Real Estate Seattle Spring Board,” and the market is poised to soar.

A Light-Hearted Conclusion

Mike, although I know your criticism wasn’t personal, I believe an apology is in order! 😂


We Sell The Sound!

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