Let me tell you about a time my son gave me a valuable gift, “blackbelt courage.”

One year ago I took my son to Maui to swim with some turtles. After seeing them on the beach, he led me out into the open waters. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared. At first it was exciting, and then I realized how far we were from the shore.

While we were out there, in what felt like the middle of the ocean, he taught something I will remember the rest of my life. It’s something that he likes to call “Blackbelt Courage” and if you want to know the full story, you can listen to it here (Episode 69 of Ron and Don Radio).

As we were flying home, I remember reading the headlines about a pandemic that was sweeping the world.

It was just two weeks later that we were trapped in lockdown.

Through the heartache, the isolation, the fear, and the sadness that we all faced over the last year, I have remembered the words he shared with me while swimming out in the ocean.   

So on this one year anniversary of COVID -19,  I wanted to share his words of wisdom with you. I know that I have repeated them to myself many times this year when I, like you, struggled to cope.

It is my prayer that when times are tough for you in the coming days, that you too will muster your own gift of “blackbelt courage.”

Love and Respect,


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