My 200 Phone Calls with the Late Dori Monson

For all of those who have been asking, yes. I have heard about the passing of my friend and colleague Dori Monson . We all worked together at KIRO Radio and shared the same agent.

I am so deeply saddened for his friends and family.

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Dori and I probably shared 200 phone calls over the years….

He was one of the first to call and welcome us to KIRO, then invited Ron and I to lunch…with a complementary ride in his convertible.

And he paid of course.

He often called encouraging me to continue to do our “cause-radio” brand of broadcasting, even know it was a foreign concept to the format at the time.

He was the first host to invite us to “ cross-talk” which marked the beginning of our two shows dominating Seattle ratings for over 13 years TOGETHER.

Through the years he also called to welcome me to fatherhood. He called again when my baby sister died, and once again when we were asked to leave the radio station.

Our politics were very different, and we often strongly disagreed….

We talked about the controversies…

Always from a place of listening and civility…

But our love for our families, and our community, was what we always returned to on those calls.

He loved nothing more than being a dad to his three daughters.

And beating the Governor in one on one basketball!!! I was there. I saw it!

Dori only had eyes for his wife.

Dori loved his Super Bowl ring given to him by the Seahawks.

He loved performing his one man play he wrote about growing up in Ballard.

And now the mean streets of Ballard will never be the same.

I last heard from Dori one week ago when he wished me a Merry Christmas and asked about my dog and son….and he wanted Ron and I to know that kind words had been just spoken about us on KIRO concerning our years of philanthropy for kids.

Always checking in…

Always encouraging…

Always with great kindness…

That is how I will always remember him.

It’s a short life everyone.

This is a brand new year.

Knowing Dori, he wouldn’t want us squander it.

And Dori,

I know I’ll see you soon coaching girl’s basketball in the sky…..

– don❤️


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4 thoughts on “My 200 Phone Calls with the Late Dori Monson

  1. Don,

    I was a listener to Dori’s show from the beginning, just as I was a daily listener to the Ron and Don show (and now to the podcast). When I heard the news, it was like a gut punch; unexpected and painful, much like the passing of Dave Niehaus. Being a daily listener of talk radio, you form kind of a one sided bond with the broadcasters. They become friends in an odd sort of way in a one sided relationship. Friends that you want to hear from almost everyday, more so than your real friends and family. You look forward to what’s next, spend a lot of quality time with them and look forward to tomorrow’s broadcast.
    As I grow older, it’s just a given that friends and family pass along the way. While that is painful in and of itself, an aspect of that that I didn’t know would hit me like it does is that you know how that person’s story ends. I didn’t ever see that for Dori; I thought he would be doing what he loved- spending time with family, Vegas trips, playing the piano and some bad singing, managing the wildlife in his back yard or whatever. Selfishly, I won’t have my one sided friend to talk to me everyday and entertain me from noon ’till 3.
    I listened to all 9 hours of John Curly’s broadcast. An epic sendoff and Irish wake as only he could do.
    Not sure how to end this note; I just wanted to share that.

  2. Don and Ron, Ron & Don, you guys and Dori were my absolute go to favorites the entire time I listened to Kiro NewRadio. I, like you and many others were deeply saddened to hear of Dori’s passing. The tributes to his life were fantastic and opened a wide window to a life well lived that only his closest family and friends were able to fully see.

    This was so well shared by both of you, as well as through the many that were able to share with John Curley on the 5.5 hour tribute to Dori. Now listening to his rebroadcasts is even more enjoyable with the knowledge of the “man behind the microphone”.

    My wish would be that the Ron and Don show would fill the space Dori left behind. It would be a big space to fill, however, I believe you’d both do an admirable job of doing so!

  3. I listened to Dori for so many years first AM 770 then FM 973. Dori came into my life at a very important time. I found him by luck on 770 just before the change over to 973. Dori will always hold a special place in my heart. We never meet in person but Dori helped me through the darkest few years of my life. Everyday, every show I was listing. I felt like he was sitting across from me when he was on air. I felt a connection like family, the family I never had growing up. My ongoing prayers go out to Dori and all his family and friends. He meant so much to so many of us. We love you Dori rest in peace.

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