Bubba’s Headed Back to School: What We Learned in the Summer of 2021

As we say goodbye to our last day of summer vacation (and we get ready for the 6th grade tomorrow), my son and I have started looking back over the past few months. There are some important lessons we learned this summer, and we want to share a few:

1. It’s pretty cool to become a certified diver at 11 . Just saying.

2. We feel lucky to have seen all the Grandmas and cousins (from New Mexico to Michigan) and to have played the trumpet for them.

3. Overnight camp was supposed to be scary without your parent… Turns our it’s the best part.

4. After swimming in 19 different pools, rivers, lakes, and oceans this Summer, we’ve decided a DQ Heath Bar Blizzard is the perfect post swim treat. The only way to recover and savor the day!

5. We may value experiences with other humans we care about over toys, and video games, and lots of other stuff. “Daddy, stuff can’t love you back like your Grandma can.”

So after what might be the last summer he calls me “daddy”, it looks like he is starting to teach us all valuable lessons. I feel so fortunate to call him my son, my “ Bubba”.

So as we look ahead, and start to plan the adventures we want to share, I might secretly be looking into investing in a Dairy Queen! That way we can savor the end of each day, sharing one of our favorite treats.

Ron, “Bubba” and I wish you and your kiddos a tremendous year as we head back to class. We hope you had great moments and made memories to last a lifetime like ours. Now, on to 6th grade Bubba!

Love and Respect to all the Daddy’s and Mommy’s out there!

– Bubba’s Daddy

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