Yes, Rachel Belle and I are actually friends IRL (in real life).

One of the most frequent questions I would get asked back in the day was, “Are you actually friends with ______________. (Other host that worked at KIRO or ESPN.)”

My answer was, “It depends.” I did and still do hang out socially with a few of my former co-workers. Don, obviously, and also Tom Tangney, Andrew Walsh, and Rachel Belle.

I would say I’m probably closest to Rachel Belle. And now that we don’t work together every day, our friendship is better than ever. She’s exactly how you’d imagine her to be as a friend. She’s a ray of sunshine wrapped in a jolt of electricity. A total blast to hang out with.

Side bar: if you’re not listening to her podcast, you should definitely subscribe post haste. It’s called Your Last Meal  ( and was nominated for a James Beard Award – it’s that good. In all my years in radio, Rachel is easily my favorite story teller of anyone I’ve worked with.

Last week, Rachel invited me to a socially distanced birthday gathering slash bonfire down at Golden Gardens. I had some real estate stuff come up that made me over an hour late – but that’s a different story for a different day.

We briefly took off our masks to take this photo on the beach after roasting some hot dogs, drinking an IPA and then topping it off with a charred marshmallow. And leave it to Belle to have some strange European mustard that came in a toothpaste tube. It was delicious.

Rachel and I have done everything from food clubs to movie clubs to traveling to Japan and Hawaii together. Sitting on the beach the other day, we figured out we’ve known each other for 15 years now. Crazy.

I’m definitely looking forward to some pizza parties with Belle as the vaccines begin to roll out.

I hope you can re-connect with the people important to you at a beach bonfire soon.


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